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Sunday, November 09, 2008

What Being "Dad" Means to Me

So, in the ongoing effort to reacquaint myself with all of you, I thought I'd talk about what being a dad means to me. This will include all my "dad hats," including that of step-dad.

Being a dad means everything to me. It is one of two main reasons I get up in the morning. (My beautiful partner in life, Emmy is the other.) It means lots of hard work. Crazy weekends with sleepovers, cousins, bickering, laughing and all around insanity. It means on the rare quiet weekends sitting there going "what's that noise?" and realizing it's the silence and wishing the ruckus would return.

Being a dad means trying to teach responsibility and life skills while trying real hard not to force them into becoming little versions of me. Nagging about homework that "doesn't have a point" and explaining that life is not always fair. Being a dad means having a vast repertoire of cliches.

Being a dad means trying to teach critical thinking while trying really, really hard to not indoctrinate them into your personal political and life philosophy. (But hoping desperately they'll come to it all on their own.)

Heartbreak, disappointment, discouragement, tears and sorrow are all part of being a dad. But so are Joy, Exultation, Laughter, Pride, Hope and Happiness.

Overstimulation. Mine, not theirs. Being a dad means not knowing which end is up most of the time. It means not knowing which "Dad!", "Daaaaaaadddddddyyyyyyy!!!!!" or "Hey, Ken!" to answer first. Hot meals? What are those?

I hate having to say no when I really want to say yes. I also hate having to say yes when I want to say no (but not as much as the first one.)

Being broke goes without saying, right?

Being a dad means being one of the luckiest people I know but not having enough time to appreciate it. That's why I decided to go back to blogging. It forces me to reflect and express the joy I feel by being a dad. Stay with me. Check back and learn about me and my family.

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Calvin - "How come you know so much?"
Dad - "It's all in the book you get when you become a father."


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