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Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Milestone

His first steps. And I missed them. I'm home every night after work. I never stop off at the bar or go hang out with friends. I run all my errands during the day so I can get home as quick as I can. But the second and fourth Thursday of every month, I have a meeting. It usually goes to about 9 PM. Most months one of those meetings is canceled for one reason or anther. So it really works out to maybe 1.25 nights a month. Max.

And this little booger decided to take his first steps on that night. Less than two hours before I got home. I honestly almost cried. (Yes Dear, I know I cry at Hallmark commercials, but this was for real.)

There are so many milestones and I know I'll be there for most of them. But when you miss one, it hurts. And there's the guilt. If I had been at work when he did it, it wouldn't hurt so much because I would have been somewhere I absolutely had to be. You gotta earn a living for your family.

But I was at a Lodge Meeting. I coulda skipped it. I know, I know. How am I supposed to know he was going to walk tonight? Can I really put everything on hold to minimize the chance I'll miss a milestone? No. But being a parent means taking on oneself an unreasonable expectation of perfection. Failing to meet that expectation brings on guilt. Find me a parent without at least a little guilt and I'll show you a parent that just doesn't give a damn.

So, I missed his first step. And his second. And his third. But maybe I'll be there for his fourth. And if not, I'll be there for many of his other milestones. His first day of school. His first... whatever. And he'll know how proud I am of him. Whether I'm right there when it happens, or I have to hear him retell it to me over and over. He's my li'l booger and I am so proud of him.

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