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Saturday, December 20, 2008


OK! I'm sorry! I know, I haven't posted in quite some time. Things are getting VERY crazy around here with the holidays, shortage of funds and the generalized chaos of raising 5 children.

So, let's give you a bit of an update. The primary concern in the Eccentric Household, as with most households nowadays, is the finances. Ours are very, very low. Scraping together enough money to pay rent has been a struggle. Never mind things like Christmas presents and other luxuries.

Well, we've decided to make a very serious change in our circumstances that will hopefully have a major impact on our living expenses. We're moving out of our nice big country apartment into a small third floor walk-up apartment in THE CITY.

The pluses are:
  1. It is literally one flight of stairs from my office. The Commute should equal about 30 seconds. If I'm feeling lazy that morning.
  2. Emmy will have a car again allowing her to get out, do stuff, run errands and even socialize with people again.
  3. We will be right in the middle of friends. People I work with and brothers from my lodge. We'll have a strong network of people who can show us around, trade babysitting and even come over and hang out once in awhile. A social life will be nice.
  4. Lots of stuff to do around us, particularly within walking distance. Where we are now there's little you can get out to do. We can't even go for a walk because we live on THE main road through town.
  5. The reduction of costs. This is the first reason, but I put it last becase I've already mentioned it in the opening
The minuses.
  1. It's the city. The older boys have never lived anywhere but in this little country town they call home. It's going to be a culture shock.
  2. We're going to have to commute back and forth to keep the boys in school. For social and even legal reasons we can't/ won't be changing schools for this year. We may consider it later, but let's get through this year first.
  3. It's a small place. We're going to be seriously reducing our living space. With 5 kids, that's serious.
  4. It's a change. Change is always scary. And my big fear is that everyone is going to blame/hate me if it doesn't work out.
So, I'm really excited. We're holding off on telling the kids and Gramma D so we don't spoil anyone's Christmas. But as soon as we get back from visiting the fam over New Years it's packing time. Should be all settled by late January.

Wish us luck. We may need it.

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